Black Mountain homes and mountain properties in a private NC gated community near Asheville.

Preserving North Carolina mountain land for generations to come

Perched 8 miles outside of one of Western North Carolina’s great mountain towns, above the bustle where the air is cool, life becomes uncluttered. The moments that take one’s breath away are a daily occurrence when surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see. Creston Community’s vision is conservative and real - mountaintop living responsibly. An unpretentious reverence for this mountain land, it’s forest, streams and all the varieties of life that live here, has guided important decisions as this 1100 acre, multi-generational mountain property was carefully developed.

In the peaceful, secluded Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina near the towns of Black Mountain and Asheville is a private gated community that awaits your exploration. Encompassed by hardwood forests that are home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, this North Carolina mountain community offers a complementary integration of modern mountain living with minimal impact to the natural beauty of the land.

Well thought-out homesites in combination with conservation easements create a natural backdrop to your North Carolina mountain retreat. The 1100 acre gated community is limited to 135 families complemented by the modern amenities of broadband internet access, the rustic comfort of the Community Center on the summit of the mountain and the peaceful surrounding of Triple Falls Sanctuary. Creston roads have been carefully designed to minimize traffic; you will find no thoroughfares, only quiet lanes with generous homesites. The mountain homesites were carefully selected to allow each mountain home privacy and to complement the specific character of the land. The Guidelines of this NC mountain property ensure architectural integrity while allowing a range of personal expression in both design and size, encouraging homes that blend in with the natural setting and the lay of the land. The vernacular architecture of this North Carolina mountain community gets its inspiration from the Craftsmen, American Lodge, Bungalow, Post-and-Beam and New England Shingle styles.

The Developers' course has been the road less traveled: moving patiently, bucking trends, handling debt responsibly and in the end fostering a sense of community now shared by over 100 property owners who have chosen Creston as their mountain retreat. More than 50% of our mountain land and its hardwood forests are in protected preserves to be enjoyed in their natural state.

Black Mountain lies ‘just down the road apiece’ providing a convenient backdrop for this illusion of seclusion. The town’s offerings are both indigenous and transplanted as its renaissance has awakened artists and poets alike who are drawn to the thriving town center, unique shops & restaurants and a laid-back pace of life.

Creston stands solid in the current world in which we live, debt free and with all amenities completed. Creston answers the call of those wanting to embrace a responsible vision of mountain life. A sustainable collection of gentle ridges and rushing streams celebrates the wonders of each season unrestrained, providing the perfect setting to experience all that nature has to reveal.

Creston Community ... mountain living responsibly