Black Mountain homes and mountain properties in a private NC gated community near Asheville.

What People are Saying About Creston

Creston puts the Real in Real Estate.

By the time we arrived at Creston we had had our fill of developers who were all about selling their vision with promises, stock photos, slick brochures and DVDs, all laden with the usual disclaimers. We were fed up with unanswered questions, foggy claims, sketchy plans, unreturned phone calls and the generally low level of professionalism and candor in the mountain development business.

Creston is Real. The promises are absent and the important elements are "in the ground" where you can touch and feel them. Ample property sizes. Huge Conservation Easements. Thoughtful Covenants and Architectural Guidelines. All season drivable paved roads. Cable DSL. Hiking trails. Allison Falls. The views! Tasteful Clubhouse in a prime location available for everyone to enjoy. It's all there. Now.

John, Marilyn and Corey are straight shooters and they are as knowledgeable as responsive. We were completely impressed by their tangible respect for the land and especially for the efficient and thorough way in which we were able to conduct business together. We respect them and they clearly respect us.

We have already begun the planning process for our new home and we are thrilled in anticipation of a long and enjoyable life at Creston.

Mathew Aaron and Manuela Sadoquis
Greenville, SC

Our "two cents worth" about Creston has to do with the sensitivity in planning that preserves the mountain in as natural a state as possible and also places a high value on access to walking trails and quiet places of reflection.

As the very first landowners we feel a personal kinship with the mountain so we especially appreciate John and Marilyn (developers) and their vision for Creston. Since buying our site and now spending as much time as possible in our cottage, Hawks Crest, we have seen that vision becoming a reality. The changing seasons and natural beauty of the NC mountains are amplified and made accessible by the environmentally friendly and compatible landscaping at Creston. What a great place to make new friends and grow old together.

Lynn Nicholas
Boston, MA

A whirlwind brought us to Creston - literally, our normal beach trip was cancelled because of a hurricane.

Pam & I had dreamed about moving to the mountains around Asheville but we weren't sure that we'd ever find the place of our dreams.   On a whim Pam did an Internet search and the Creston website popped up on the top of the list.   The Nelson's philosophy for creating the Creston community while preserving the natural beauty of the environment caught our attention.   We had to see for ourselves.   Within minutes of our arrival we knew there was something special about Creston and by the end of our visit we realized we'd found the answer to our dream.   Now we look forward to the day we can call Creston our home.

Until that time comes, Bobby and I still enjoy the benefits of Creston's hiking trails and waterfalls, but more importantly, we treasure the new friendships that have brought us so much joy.   A year after our purchase we were comforted by the Creston community when another whirlwind (Hurricane Katrina) forced us to seek refuge in the Wren Cabin.   We realized then that we owned more than just mountainside property - we happen to be part of an amazing community of caring and compassionate people.   We are from New Orleans so while residing 15 feet below sea level is nothing short of unique, we are convinced that living 2,000 feet above will be just heaven to us!

Bobby & Pam Pecquet
New Orleans, LA

When I first heard about Creston, I thought it was too good to be true. I was wrong. It is as true as the advertising. Every experience I've had with the Creston folks has been honest, straight-forward and delightful. With luck and a fine builder, I will be the first full-time resident come April, 2007. Before committing to purchase my homesite, all my research came up with glowing reports of John and Marilyn Nelson. I was told, repeatedly, that if they're involved, things will be done well. So far, this has certainly proved true.

At my first owner's meeting, I was impressed with the relative sanity of all my new neighbors-to-be. The discussion about installing Broadband was a fine example. This move to Creston is a great adventure for me... I've been in my present location (central NC) for over 25 years. I'm counting on the principle that like-minded folks will be attracted to an environment in which the prime focus is the quiet celebration of nature. I look forward to many decades in a beautiful and safe area with folks who prize the vast and the tiny natural wonders of this amazing planet.

Barbara Page
Raleigh, NC